Here’s a glimpse of how life at Ramada and Days Hotels is like for our associates!

Superheroes & Villains!   

This September, Ramada and Days Hotels Singapore held its annual Dinner and Dance (D&D) and the theme for the night was "Superheroes & Villains". Our associates brought out their inner child by dressing up as their favourite superhero or villain and "battled" it out during the exhilarating night.






Check out the rest of the Superheroes & Villains of the night!



Futsal & Bowling Tournaments 

Have a hunger for competition? Our annual futsal and bowling tournament makes you wanting for more. Our associates team up and go against one another where they compete for the glorious title of being Champions! It gets the adrenaline of our associates pumping and encourages them to display their sportsmanship.





In-House Celebrations 

Recognising our associates' contributions for both big and small achievements through in-house celebrations plays a vital role in our culture. Our associates indulge in sweet and savoury treats, having fun whilst bonding with their peers during their breather from work.