Considering a fun and open environment to work in? Let's see what Nabilah, our Housekeeping Supervisor has to say about the culture in our hotels!



Nurul Nabilah, Housekeeping Supervisor

How was your first experience like in the industry?

Ramada and Days Hotels provided me with an eye opening experience of the hospitality industry. With hands-on exposure, I have learnt skills beyond the books that gave me an insight to the industry. Furthermore, with an open communication where there are no lines between management and non-management staff, it creates a unique environment for the associates to work in and make friends throughout the various departments.

What has been your biggest takeaway?

My biggest takeaway from Ramada and Days Hotels will certainly be my colleague - friends! These are the people, who work hard and play hard together, sticking by one another and having each other's backs in many situations. They have and will continue to be my greatest motivation to strive for excellence and achieve my best in all that I do.

What will you say about the cross exposure that you had?

Working here has granted me great opportunities to explore a vast range of knowledge and experience. It allowed me to pick up new skills when given the opportunity for cross exposure to the other departments, such as the Front Office department. I spent 3 months there and was able to gain exposure and hands-on on the operations of a Front Office and has enabled me to be multi-skilled. Hence, it's definitely an ideal place to develop ourselves as a person and associate.


Our hotels have become greener with the Wyndham Green Committee around! Meet our Assistant Security Manager, Axel, a member of the committee who makes saving water in the hotels as important as the security of the hotels! 

Why did you join the green committee? 

There has always been an increasing concern about the condition of our environment. I am a person that would feel very uncomfortable whenever I see a tap running without anyone using, even in public toilets, and will turn it off by muscle memory. Therefore I decided to join the committee hoping to create awareness on the importance of water and energy conservation, as well as educating associates on the advantages of going green. I hope that through our actions we can eventually help the hotel achieve the Singapore Green Hotel Award.

How do you think everyone can help you in your mission? 

On an individual basis I feel that everyone should begin by being involved in green initiatives with simple and easy actions such as recycling used papers and also switching off electrical appliances and turning off water sources after use. They should then pass on the message to other associates to promote and raise awareness of the importance and advantages of going green.

Axel Lim, Assistant Security Manager